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A Brief Intro

Vision Zero wants to end traffic deaths on Austin streets.  Traffic crashes and the suffering they cause are preventable.  Making a dangerous choice while in traffic causes most deaths.  Texting, driving drunk, speeding, jay-walking are examples of poor choices.

In Austin as of October 13th, 82 people have died from auto crashes.  25 have been pedestrians, 12 have been motorcyclists, 1 was a bicyclist, and 44 have been motorists.  Impaired driving has been a factor in approximately 53% of crashes. We can have a year with no traffic deaths, no pedestrian’s deaths, no motorcycle or bicycle deaths and no deaths from an auto crash.

Every death is someone’s neighbor, co-worker, school-mate or family-member.  Every death touches dozen of lives.  Zero traffic deaths starts with each of us keeping ourselves alive every time we enter traffic, then keeping our family members alive, our co-workers and neighbors alive as they travel Austin streets.  

We each participate in Vision Zero by slowing down, keeping our eyes on the road, being present and sober when behind the wheel.  Together we will save lives.


Reaching Vision Zero and no traffic deaths in Austin is possible, but it takes everyone staying focused on the goal, every day.  Today, here are 7 ways you can make Vision Zero possible:

  1.    Drive today without touching your cell phone.
  2.    Wear a helmet, today.
  3.    Today, look both ways (twice) before stepping into the roadway.
  4.    Leave 10 minutes early today and drive the speed limit.
  5.    Bring along a designated driver tonight – one who will consume NO alcohol.
  6.    Call a cab tonight for the person who is intoxicated.
  7.    Today, stop at every red light as you bicycle to school or work.

No one wants a knock on the door at 3 am.


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